Electrilo Heavy

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued and stocks are exhausted. This page remains to provide information for customers with stocks of Electrilo Heavy. Please phone customer services on 0845 602 1003 to discuss other product options.

What does it do?

Electrilo Heavy is a pure hydrocarbon mineral oil, formulated for use in cable boxes, bus bar chambers, CT chambers etc. of some older types of switchgear, designed as an alternative to traditional cable box compounds e.g Penetrol or G38. Unlike traditional “hot pour compounds” Electrilo Heavy has all the correct properties that ensure the oil remains fluid under the lowest ambient temperatures likely to be encountered in the UK.

Customers should note that because Electrilo Heavy has a viscosity that remains fluid under ambient and low temperatures the cable box or chamber it is going in to should be as fluid tight as possible.


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